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Internet Explorer 7 RC1 available

When I opened my RSS reader this morning, I saw good news: Internet Explorer 7 RC1 has just been released! You can download it here or install it as stand-alone version (unofficial!). Many people will like the new UI features, like tabbed browsing, tab preview, easier interface, less toolbars, ... The features I l... Read more »

Google Analytics open for everyone!

Almost a year ago, Google acquired Urchin, a company specialised in providing web site statistics. They renamed Urchin's project to Google Analytics and started a beta for some. Today, it seems Google has opened Analytics for everyone. Get it while it's hot, they really provide in-depth statistics about what's happ... Read more »

JavaScript URI parameter encoding

When creating a HTTP request in JavaScript, I always used encode() and decode() to pass data between client and server. I also used this approach in PRAjax, my open-source Ajax helper library for PHP. A developer working with PRAjax on his site reported to me last week that Swedish characters like å, ä, ö, ...... Read more »

Goggles, a flight sim on Google Maps

You have probably already seen over a hundred uses for Google Maps. Today, I received a link of a new use: Goggles. Goggles allows you to fly a plane over a city, to climb and descent, to shoot at the scenery (I tried this over Amsterdam but didn't hear anything on the news. It's safe!). You even can crash. A... Read more »


I regularly drink a glass of beer (I prefer the Belgian Trappists) or a glass of wine. While surfing, I stumbled upon a handy link for all Belgian people who love to drink wine too: Kurkdroog Kurkdroog is a website that acts as a hitlist of wines. You can select a price class, a supermarket, a country and a wine ty... Read more »

Age of Pirates

A few weeks ago, I discovered a nice online multi-player game: Age of Pirates. AoP is in a certain way similar to one of my favourite games Age of Empires, available as an offline game. In AoP, you have an island on which you have to gather resources in order to improve your economy and military activity. When you... Read more »


Today, I noticed that Phalanger has released a new beta a few days ago (well OK, half a month ago [*-)]). Phalanger is an open-source project, aiming to provide tools to integrate PHP development in Visual Studio on one side, and aiming to provide a CLR compiler for PHP on the other side. In short, this means that ... Read more »

Have you alreday tried PRAjax?

Some people who know me, have already experimented with my home-brew PHP Ajax framework, PRAjax. PRAjax is short for PHP Reflected Ajax, and provides the glue between server-side PHP and client-side Javascript. You should really try it out in your project! My blog uses PRAjax too. Try navigating to the homepage and... Read more »

A new computer…

2 weeks ago, my previous computer died. A black screen with a white blinking cursor was the only thing it still did. Curious about that, I opened the case and saw... leaking capacitors. According to Google searches about that, something went wrong with industrial espionage a few years ago. Nice, I had spied capacito... Read more »

My first blog post!

Starting today, I will try to regularly post some information about myself, my job, my life, my opinions. Some of my colleagues at work, mainly Joris, told me I should start a blog too. He has his blog hosted at Blogspot, but I really wanted to host it myself. After trying some PHP software (Wordpress, NucleusCMS),... Read more »