Simple SAX parser for PHP

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Yesterday, I was working on PRAjax. The UpdatePanel did not work completely as I wanted it to work: in the background, the whole page was still fetched and updated. A cleaner way would be to just fetch updated content and not the whole page.

In my search for a PHP HTML parsing class, I found a lot of libraries, but all with disadvantages: one was too big in file size, another only parsed XHTML, ... Luckily, I stumbled on SAX parser! So if you ever want to parse HTML and read out specific tags and attributes, try this one.

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  1. Avatar for Yogurt
    Yogurt December 6th, 2007

    I don't want to say you're suffering from the Redundant RAS Syndrome, but I just realized how many abbreviations are used in you short tagline. Ignoring recursions, it says

    "Simple Simple Advanced Programming Interface for Extended Markup Language Parser For PHP Hypertext Preprocessor"

    I didn't know anything could be simple and advanced at the same time, but obviously SAX is.