Microsoft AJAX Library and ASP.NET AJAX Extensions

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Scott Guthrie, one of the Microsoft "Atlas" guys, announced the "Atlas" 1.0 Naming and Roadmap stating that:

  • Atlas will be renamed: the client-side JavaScript library will be called "Microsoft AJAX Library", the server-side ASP.NET extensions will be called ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions. Also, the controls and components released on will be bundled in the "ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit"
  • It will be 100% cross-browser and cross-platform.
  • It will be a fully supported product: the product has a committed servicing product lifetime of 10 years which provides companies with the ability to depend on it for mission critical applications.

Another nice thing in Scott's post is the following:

Things will get even better next year with Visual Studio “Orcas” where we are adding rich JavaScript intellisense, debugging and WYSIWYG designer support for the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions within Visual Studio and many other great features to take advantage of.

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