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Five things you didn’t know about me…

I was tagged by Joris and Kristof, so I guess it's about time I give away some secrets about myself. Did you know that... ... I wrote my first letter of programming code in Visual Basic 4, which I bought on 4 gray floppy disks when I was 12. ... I "split" my desert cakes and breakfast cakes: cream and cake... Read more »

PHP Excel classes on CodePlex

Just for the record: my PHP Excel classes have been released on CodePlex under a GPL license, and will be further released over there. The full URL: This is an imported post. It was imported from my old blog using an automated tool and may contain formatting errors and/or broken ima... Read more »

Back from winter vacation!

No posts last week: I was on a ski vacation to Pitztal, Austria. Found a cheap (and good!) hotel over there, Pension Haid, which offered me breakfast and dinner for 36 EUR per night. I've been skiing on Rifflsee and the Pitztaler Gletscher, which offers great slopes (and also good weather conditions last week)... Read more »

MyGeneration template for Zend_Db_Table

In my article on NHibernate, I mentioned MyGeneration, a tool which creates database classes / ORM classes from your database tables. Since MyGeneration uses templates to generate classes, and PHP is underrepresented, I decided to create a PHP Zend_Db_Table template, which creates the necessary Zend_Db_Table overlo... Read more »

PHP for Microsoft AJAX Library

Something really interesting has just been released on CodePlex: PHP for Microsoft AJAX Library. The code you have to use in your scripts is clean and easy, providing a full-featured PHP backend to the Microsoft AJAX Library. The Microsoft AJAX Library is a pure-JavaScript library that's used by ASP.NET AJAX but is... Read more »

PHP code performance tweaks

Thanks to Sam Cooper's testing, some scalability issues came up in my SpreadSheet classes. Seems PHP has some odd internal quirks, which cause performance loss that can be severe on large amounts of data. These strange things are probably caused by PHP because it uses multiple C functions in order to perform someth... Read more »

Excel2007 in PHP - Project status

After a month of development, I think it's time for a status update on my PHP Excel2007 classes. 16 december 2007, I started working on these classes as a test to check how hard it could be to create Excel2007 files using PHP5. The story about Excel2007 and PHP, got picked up by a few websites, and it seems my set ... Read more »

DataBindable Business Objects in .NET

Checkout Emmanuel Nuyttens' article on DataBindable Business Objects. It's an interesting article, focussing on the other side of data binding that I wrote an article on myself for .NET magazine. "There has been, and still is a lot of discussion going aroundof what kind of technique a developer in general should use... Read more »

Article in .NET magazine

The new .NET magazine Belgium/Netherlands has been distributed to all subscribers. For the latest edition, #15, I've written an article on the basic principles and usage of NHibernate, an ORM-mapper for the .NET platform. It's written in Dutch, so I must disappoint my English blog readers... A PDF version and exam... Read more »

Office 2007 SpreadsheetML classes in PHP

In my evening hours, I've been working on a set of PHP classes to create Offixe 2007 SpreasheetML documents (.xlsx files). I finished my first goals (some basic XLSX writing), and I want to share this set of classes to the community. Features Currently, the following features are supported: Create a Spreadsh... Read more »