Five things you didn’t know about me…

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I was tagged by Joris and Kristof, so I guess it's about time I give away some secrets about myself.

Did you know that...

  • ... I wrote my first letter of programming code in Visual Basic 4, which I bought on 4 gray floppy disks when I was 12.
  • ... I "split" my desert cakes and breakfast cakes: cream and cake are eaten separately.
  • ... I wash my car every week (sometimes every two weeks, when I dont't have the time).
  • ... when I have some spare time, I try to make some electronical music (trance, jump, ...) like this one, made especially for this post. (Interested in more? Contact me!)
  • ... I drink gallons of coffee every day... Probably more than good for a human being.

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  1. Avatar for Sven Gillis
    Sven Gillis November 1st, 2007

    I listened to your self-made song...The basic rythm is really good. Keep on developing! Maybe you should post more samples.