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Creating an ASP.NET MVC OutputCache ActionFilterAttribute

In every web application, there are situations where you want to cache the HTML output of a specific page for a certain amount of time, because underlying data and processing isn't really subject to changes a lot. This cached response is stored in the web server's memory and offers very fast responses because no add... Read more »

The devil is in the details (Visual Studio Team System test policy)

Have you ever been in a difficult situation where a software product is overall very good, but a small detail is going wrong? At least I've been, for the past week... Team System allows check-in policies to be enforced prior to checking in your code. One of these policies is the unit testing policy, which al... Read more »

Code based ASP.NET MVC GridView

Earlier this week a colleague of mine asked me if there was such thing as a  DataGrid or GridView or something like that in the ASP.NET MVC framework. My first answer was: "Nope!". I advised him to look for a nice foreach implementation or using ExtJS, Dojo or similar. Which made me think... Why not create a si... Read more »

Detailed code metrics with NDepend

A while ago, I blogged about code performance analysis in Visual Studio 2008. Using profiling and hot path tracking, I measured code performance and was able to react to that. Last week, Patrick Smacchia contacted me asking if I wanted to test his project NDepend. He promised me NDepend would provide more insight i... Read more »

ASP.NET MVC framework preview 3 released!

Don't know how I do it, but I think this blog post is yet again the first one out there mentioning a new release of the ASP.NET framework (preview 3)  The official installation package can be downloaded from the Microsoft site. Source code is also available from CodePlex. Update instructions fro... Read more »

Creating a custom ViewEngine for the ASP.NET MVC framework

Have you ever seen a presentation of ScottGu about the ASP.NET MVC framework? There is one particular slide that keeps coming back, stating that every step in the ASP.NET MVC life cycle is pluggable. Let's find out if replacing one of these components is actually easy by creating a custom ViewEngine and corresp... Read more »

ASP.NET MVC custom ActionResult (ImageResult)

The ASP.NET MVC framework introduces the concept of returning an ActionResult in Controllers since the "preview preview" release on CodePlex. The purpose of this concept is to return a generic ActionResult object for each Controller method, allowing different child classes returning different results. ... Read more »

Finally! My own custom template!

Right after my blog move to, I decided to create a custom template for my blog to make it more unique in the blogosphere. Less than a year later (11 months, to be precise) I found the time to fire up my HTML and image editor to create a new look for my blog. Now who said developers are lazy?  ... Read more »