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Using the ASP.NET MVC ModelBinder attribute

ASP.NET MVC action methods can be developed using regular method parameters. In earlier versions of the ASP.NET MVC framework, these parameters were all simple types like integers, strings, booleans, … When required, a method parameter can be a complex type like a Contact with Name, Email and Message propert... Read more »

Form validation with ASP.NET MVC preview 5

In earlier ASP.NET MVC previews, form validation was something that should be implemented "by hand". Since the new ASP.NET MVC preview 5, form validation has become more handy. Let me show you how you can add validation in such a ridiculously easy manner. Here's an example controller: [code:c#] ... Read more »

Building an ASP.NET MVC sitemap provider with security trimming

Warning!A new version of the source code provided in this post is available here. Use this blog post as reference only.  Yes, it has been a while since my last post. A nice vacation to Austria, some work to catch up, ... All excuses, I know, but I'll make it up to you with a huge blog post! If you have ... Read more »

MSDN Chopsticks on ASP.NET MVC (screencasts)

A while ago, KatrienDG asked me to do some screencasts on the ASP.NET MVC framework for the MSDN Chopsticks page. I've been working on 2 screencasts: an introductory talk to the ASP.NET MVC framework and a Test Driven Development story. Feel free to leave some comments! ... Read more »

ASP.NET MVC - Upcoming preview 4 release

ScottGu just posted that there's an upcoming preview 4 release of the ASP.NET MVC framework. What I immediately noticed, is that there are actually some community concepts being integrated in the framework, yay! And what's even cooler: 2 of these new features are things that I've already contributed to ... Read more »

Article on ASP.NET MVC in .NET magazine #21

Yesterday, I received the new Dutch edition of .NET magazine containing my article on the ASP.NET MVC framework. Since the article was written quite a while ago, soucre code is no longer up-to-date. Readers who are interested (or anyone else interested in ASP.NET MVC) can download up-to-date code examples on the A... Read more »

Creating an ASP.NET MVC OutputCache ActionFilterAttribute

In every web application, there are situations where you want to cache the HTML output of a specific page for a certain amount of time, because underlying data and processing isn't really subject to changes a lot. This cached response is stored in the web server's memory and offers very fast responses because no add... Read more »

The devil is in the details (Visual Studio Team System test policy)

Have you ever been in a difficult situation where a software product is overall very good, but a small detail is going wrong? At least I've been, for the past week... Team System allows check-in policies to be enforced prior to checking in your code. One of these policies is the unit testing policy, which al... Read more »