MSDN Chopsticks on ASP.NET MVC (screencasts)

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A while ago, KatrienDG asked me to do some screencasts on the ASP.NET MVC framework for the MSDN Chopsticks page. I've been working on 2 screencasts: an introductory talk to the ASP.NET MVC framework and a Test Driven Development story. Feel free to leave some comments!

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Introduction to ASP.NET's MVC framework

Abstract: "The ASP.NET MVC framework is a new approach to web development, based on the model-view-controller design pattern. Microsoft built this framework on top of ASP.NET to allow this alternative to work with existing features like membership caching, user controls... In this video, Maarten shows you some basics on the ASP.NET MVC framework like creating a new controller action and a view."

Test Driven Development with the ASP.NET MVC framework

Abstract: "This video explains you how to develop ASP.NET MVC web applications using 2 different approaches: regular development and test-driven development."

Example code: (503.21 kb)

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