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ASP.NET MVC XForms released on CodePlex

Just noticed there's a new project on CodePlex related to the ASP.NET MVC framework: MVC XForms. MVC XForms is a simple UI framework for ASP.NET MVC based on the W3C XForms specification. It provides a set of form controls that allow updating of complex model objects. Picked these project goals from Jon Curt... Read more »

OpenXML DII workshop Brussels - Quick summary

A few days ago, I wrote I was doing a presentation on the DII workshop in Brussels together with Julien Chable. Apart from heavy traffic from Antwerp to Brussels (80km, almost 3 hours... *sigh*), I think the DII workshop was quite succesful! Lots of news around OpenXML and Office, lots of interesting ideas from oth... Read more »

PHPExcel featured in phparchitect / November 2008

Nice to see that there's a lot of activity going on related to PHPExcel! This weekend, I receievd my electronic copy of php|architect / November 2008 featuring an article on generating PDF and Excel files using PHP. Guess which library is being used in the second part of the article... While reading the arti... Read more »

Presenting at the OpenXML DII workshop Brussels

First things first: WTF is DII??? It's the "Document Interoperability Initiative" that Microsoft launched. The workshop will be a day filled with presentations from a variety of people, including members of the Office product groups at Microsoft and developers and consultants from several other compan... Read more »

Using the ASP.NET MVC ModelBinder (screencast)

A new screencast has just been uploaded to the MSDN Belgium Chopsticks page. Don't forget to rate the video! Using ASP.NET MVC ModelBinder Abstract: "This screencast demonstrates how code can be made more maintainable and testable by delegating binding to client data to the ASP.NET MVC model binder arch... Read more »

OpenXML support in Zend Framework 1.7 Lucene indexer

It has indeed been a long time since I blogged about OpenXML. However, this does not mean I'm completely doing nothing with it! PHPExcel still keeps eating a lot of evening hours as well as some other OpenXML-related projects. The folks at Zend contacted me if I would be interested in implementing OpenXML in... Read more »

Integrating NUnit test results in Team Build 2008

When using Team Foundation Server 2008 and Team Build, chances are you are developing unit tests in Microsoft’s test framework which is integrated with Visual Studio 2008. This integration offers valuable data hen a build has been finished on the build server: test run results are published in the Team Founda... Read more »

CarTrackr - Sample ASP.NET MVC application

Some people may have already noticed the link in my VISUG session blog post, but for those who didn't... I've released my sample application CarTrackr on CodePlex. CarTrackr is a sample application for the ASP.NET MVC framework using the repository pattern and dependency injection using the Unity applic... Read more »