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Saving a PHPExcel spreadsheet to Google Documents

As you may know, PHPExcel is built using an extensible model, supporting different input and output formats. The PHPExcel core class library features a spreadsheet engine, which is supported by IReader and IWriter instances used for reading and writing a spreadsheet to/from a file. Currently, PHPExcel supports writ... Read more »

New VISUG website online

Last week, the new VISUG website has been released. VISUG stands for Visual Studio User Group Belgium and is one of the largest .NET related user groups in Belgium, providing technical sessions on different .NET related topics. This new site not only features a new layout, but also some new features. One of the ... Read more »

Form validation with ASP.NET MVC release candidate

Last week, the ASP.NET MVC framework release candidate was released (check ScottGu’s post). Apart from some great new tooling support, form validation has never been easier. Here’s a quick introduction. Imagine we have a LINQ to SQL data model, containing an Employee from the Northwind database. As ... Read more »

PHPLinq 0.4.0 released on CodePlex!

I’m pleased to announce that PHPLinq 0.4.0 has been released on CodePlex. PHPLinq is currently one year old, and I decided to add a huge step in functionality for the 0.4.0 release. This blog post will focus on the current status of PHPLinq and what it is capable of doing for you in a PHP project.   What... Read more »

TechDays 2009 agenda has been posted!

Just a quick note: the Belgian TechDays 2009 agenda has been published. You can find it on the TechDays website. Also, Katrien has posted some more details on the agenda on her blog. Hope to see you at the TechDays in Antwerp! This is an imported post. It was imported from my old blog using an automated... Read more »

Updated CarTrackr to ASP.NET MVC RC

As you may have noticed, ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Release Candidate has been released over the night. You can read all about it in ScottGu’s blog post, covering all new tools that have been released with the RC. Since I’ve been trying to maintain a small reference application for ASP.NET MVC known as CarTrac... Read more »

ECMA-376 implementation notes are out

Last month, Microsoft released the implementation notes for their ODF implementation in Office 2007. These implementation notes are actually the documentation on how Office 2007 treats ODF documents in various cases. Today, Microsoft released the ECMA-376 implementation notes, or in short: they've now document... Read more »

Book review: ASP.NET 3.5 Social Networking

Last week, I found another book from Packt in my letterbox. This time, the title is ASP.NET 3.5 Social Networking, written by Andrew Siemer. On the back cover, I read that this book shows you how to create a scalable, maintainable social network that can support hundreds of thousands of users, multimedia featur... Read more »

Checking username availability with jQuery (screencast)

A new screencast has just been uploaded to the MSDN Belgium Chopsticks page. Don't forget to rate the video! Checking username availability with jQuery Abstract: "This screencast explains how to use jQuery and the ASP.NET MVC framework to quickly add a username availability checker to a user registratio... Read more »

Verifying code and testing with Pex

Earlier this week, Katrien posted an update on the list of Belgian TechDays 2009 speakers. This post featured a summary on all sessions, of which one was titled “Pex – Automated White Box Testing for .NET”. Here’s the abstract: “Pex is an automated white box testing tool for .NE... Read more »