Book review: Software Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2008

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Software Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2008 Another book review, this time for Packt’s “Software Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2008”. The book introduces you to the main types of testing available in Visual Studio Team System 2008 for both desktop and web applications, and then walks you through deploying, running, and interpreting the results of tests.

The book starts with an overview of why you need testing and then lists all available test types in Visual Studio 2008. It also explains the differences between a stand alone Visual Studio 2008 and a Team Foundation Server backed version. Each chapter thereafter covers one of the test types in detail: unit tests, web tests, advanced web tests, load tests, manual tests, …

Next to these things, more information on how to deploy and run tests on a VSTS build server is provided. And when you work with a VSTS build server, chances are big reporting is enabled. These reports are also covered in detail, showing you how to interpret the data displayed.

I’ve been working with and giving training on Visual Studio 2008 for quite a while now, including a large part on Visual Studio and testing. To be honest, I think this book really covers all aspects of testing in Visual Studio 2008, making it an ideal reference for any development team working with VSTS. Here's the official product page at Packt.

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