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New PHPExcel release: 1.3.0

The new version of PHPExcel has just been released, bringing 1.3.0 to the public. New features include formula calculation, inserting and removing columns/rows, auto-sizing columns, freezing panes, ... One of the new features in PHPExcel is formula calculation. Just like Excel or any other spreadsheet application... Read more »

Excel Formula Parsing using PHP?

One of the new (planned) features of PHPExcel is to implement parsing and calculating Excel formulas. One thing every developer should do is not to try to reinvent the wheel. Therefore, a Google search learned me someone wrote a Excel expression parser in JavaScript, which parses an expression into a tree. Parsing ... Read more »

MCTS for .NET framework 2.0 Web applications

Just like my colleague Kristof did last friday, I passed the Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 - Web-based Client Development (Exam 070-528) exam yesterday, resulting in a new certification title: I’m now offically a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for .NET framework 2.0 Web applications. This is an importe... Read more »

SendMailControl for ASP.NET

Have you ever used the ASP.NET PasswordRecovery control, or the CreateUserWizard? Probably, you used the mail capabilities of these controls too, and set up a MailDefinition to send an e-mail when the control did his job. Personally, I missed this functionality when wanting to send mails to users. Luckily, ASP.N... Read more »

Excel, OpenXML and PHP

Yay! My new article on Excel, OpenXML and PHP has just been released in php|architect! A copy-paste action from "A few months ago, Microsoft released Office 2007, a version of their office suite that generates open source documents. Here, Maarten Balliauw gives an overvi... Read more »

ASP.NET 2.0 Event Validation

Event Validation is a new feature in ASP.NET 2.0 which provides an additional level of checks on postback actions. It verifies whether a postback from a control on client-side is really from that control and not from a malicious person trying to break your application. Even if you forget to add security checks o... Read more »

Team Foundation Server tools linkdump

Currently, I'm playing around with TFS (Team Foundation Server), and here's just a quick linkdump of some TFS tools, mainly on CodePlex. Read more »

Workaround for PHP file_exists on ZIP file contents

Recently, I was writing some PHP code, to check if a specific file existed in a ZIP file. PHP has this special feature called "stream wrappers", which basically is a system which enables PHP to do I/O operations on streams. A stream can be a file, a socket, a SSH connection, ... Each of these streams has its own wra... Read more »

Scalable Apps with Asynchronous Programming in ASP.NET

A while ago, I posted about the DevDays, and some interesting sessions I took. One of these sessions was "Scalable Apps with Asynchronous Programming in ASP.NET", by Jeff Prosise. Searching the Internet, I found that Jeff also published an article on this subject on MSDN, which can be found on the following URL: htt... Read more »

Developer & IT Pro days - Ghent - Day 2

Just got back from the second and last day at the DevDays. It's all more exhausting than I thought it would be. First of all: driving from Antwerp to Ghent and arrive there in time means to get up early. Second, a lot of information and understanding needs to be processed and absorbed. Today, I've attended a sessio... Read more »