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My job?

Seems that, according to <A href="" target=_blank mce_href="">this Wikipedia entry</A>, I work at <A href="" target=_blank mce_href="">Microsoft</A>: <I... Read more »

NHibernate 1.2.0 - Unexpected row count: 0; expected: 1

Great... I've been working with NHibernate and MySQL for a while now, without having any strange problems. For a project I'm working on, I'm using SqlClient instead of MySQL now, and strangeness occurs. When I try to Flush() a NHibernate session, here's what is thrown: Unexpected row count: 0; exp... Read more »

Enable sitemap security trimming in ASP.NET 2.0

Want to enable security trimming for your ASP.NET sitemap? Here's how... First of all, you need a new section in your web.config system.web element: [code:xml] <system.web>   <!-- ... other system.web configuration stuff ... -->   <siteMap defaultProvider="XmlSiteMapProvider&... Read more »

VSTS Project methodology

A quick linkdump of some VSTS project methodology templates: RUP - - http://www.scrumforteamsystem.comMacroscope -  This is an imported post. It was importe... Read more »

Team Foundation Server - Subversion bridge

Here's the thing: for my private development work (a.k.a. PHPExcel 8-)), I've been using Subversion as my source-control server (and client). As the PHPExcel is hosted on CodePlex, one would suspect I would be using the Team Foundation hosted service which is provided for free. Not really... Here... Read more »

PHPExcel 1.3.5 released

Just a quick note on the new PHPExcel 1.3.5 release. There are some cool new features included! One of the new features is rich text: one can now write coloured and styled text in a cell. Here's an example of how the feature demo result file looks: This is of course not all. Jakub had a couple of sleepless nights, ... Read more »

ASP.NET URL rewrites using .htaccess-like syntax

Having a PHP background, I've been using .htaccess mod_rewrite in Apache for ages. ASP.NET allows rewriting too, but using a different syntax than mod_rewrite. Using the attached library, you can now use mod_rewrite syntax to perform rewrites on your ASP.NET application. Here's how... First of all, you ne... Read more »

Enlisting an ADO.NET command in an NHibernate transaction

For everyone who has read my article on NHibernate, here's a story for you... When building an application, everyone comes to a point where one needs to batch-update records in a database table, based on one or more criteria. Let's say, for example, there's a table "User" containing an activ... Read more »

Commandline FTP folder download

A quick annoyed post... I just spent two hours searching the Internet for a means on how to recursively download a complete FTP folder, command-line, and in a simple way. Oh yeah, and preferably freeware. The solutions I found were not what I expected: a $50 software product providing a GUI (I said command-l... Read more »

My blog has just moved…

<IMG style="MARGIN: 5px" height=104 src="/images/WindowsLiveWriter/Mybloghasjustmoved_D038/image%7B0%7D_thumb%5B3%5D.png" width=98 align=right border=0 mce_src="/images/WindowsLiveWriter/Mybloghasjustmoved_D038/image%7B0%7D_thumb%5B3%5D.png"> Just finished painting, unpacked some boxes, and here we are: a new ... Read more »