Thank you, ISP!

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Living in Belgium sometimes feels like living in the desert. Over the past few years, my ISP has always offered the same: a cable modem subscription with 10Mbit downstream speed, and 256Kbit upstream speed. Great! Except for that data transfer limit of 12 GB per month and the ridiculous price of 42 EUR (that is 61 US$). And no, there are few better alternatives in this center of Europe...

Good news though! My ISP has been teasing its customers with a marketing campaign, focussing on great improvements in every Internet access subscription they offer. Rumours came along on different user forums: price drops, no more data transfer limits, ... Now here's the real improvement: everything stays the same, except you get a faster upload speed (512Kbit, yes!). Data transfer limit stays... (press release)

12 GB of data transfer is filled quite fast at 10Mbps... Here's what I think, and many others too...

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