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ASP.NET MVC FrameworkYou might have noticed that I'm quite enhousiast about the new ASP.NET MVC framework.

What are you talking about?

Basically, this new ASP.NET MVC framework is an alternative to standard ASP.NET webforms, with some advantages:

  • No more postbacks or viewstate, no more page lifecycle trouble: all communication is done using a REST pattern
  • Separation of concerns: no more pages containing cluttered business logic inside view logic (MVC)
  • Testable model and controller: you can now create uinit tests which communicate with your model as if a user is browsing your website

Is there a tutorial available?

For more information and a step-by-step tutorial, check Scott Guthrie's blog:

My own sample project

For an article I'm working on, I am writing a sample application using this framework. This sample application is a very basic photo album website, listing some albums and photo's. Anyone who's interested in a sample MVC application (no data entry yet!) can download it.

Current shortcomings...

There are some shortcomings in the current CTP... Current databound controls can not be used easily. There are some ways around, but using a simple <% foreach ... %> is currently the easiest way to display data on your web page. Another way around is the MVCToolkit project, which adds support for some helper methods and classes.

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