PackageExplorer, not only great for OpenXML…

The last few days, I've been working with <A class="" href="" target=_blank mce_href="">Wouter</A> to discuss some new features and ideas for his <A class="" href="" target=_blank mce_href="">PackageExplorer</A>. PE is an editor for OpenXML packages, enabling you to view the contents and relations of different parts in a package, to validate XML against OpenXML schemes, ...

One of the cool things we discussed was a HTML start page. Since Visual Studio has one, we decided PE should have one too. After creating a simple mock for this, Wouter was first to Google for a way to embed images and HTML in a resource file, and display it in a fancy start page (second price, for slow Google searchers: I designed the page [<:o)]). You can see the code and build steps required <A class="" href="" target=_blank mce_href="">over at Wouter's</A>.

Next cool thing: a new splash screen model. Always wanted to do things right with threads? No more white gaps in your screen due to a blocked UI thread? I suggest you read the eventing and threading explanation at (again) <A class="" href="" target=_blank mce_href="">Wouter's blog</A>.

Next suggestion: <A class="" href="" target=_blank mce_href="">download PE</A>, even if you don't know a thing about OpenXML. Want to learn how to use OO patterns? Always wanted to provide add-in functionality for your own application? PE's code gives a lot of answers on those questions!

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