Hotel California

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At the start of 2015, I checked out from JetBrains to join Microsoft. Today, after almost two years in the NuGet team, it’s time for change. Microsoft and NuGet have been a fun ride, and I got to complete my personal mission… I remember Paul Stack trolling me (“Hey Maarten, is NuGet down?”) on more than one occasion, and am really happy that I got the freedom and support for changing that. The quest towards server stability even got me a well-received conference talk, “Sherlock Homepage”. Thanks Jeff (x2), Yishai, Hari, Jun and team! Mission accomplished! And thanks for the great walks in wonderful Washington state when I was over there, I’ll sure miss stopping by that region every once in a while.

So what’s next? A couple of things. Most of the time I’ll be working with JetBrains again as a Developer Advocate. When I left there, Hadi told me: “Dude, you know this is like Hotel California, right? You can check out, but never leave.” Guess I’m checking in again.

I’ll be carving some more time to work on MyGet in my agenda. It remains the product Xavier and I build and care about. We have lots of plans there as well, and will keep executing those. We’ll continue to provide the great service and support you’re used to!

I discovered a new passion while at Microsoft: mentoring and coaching devs, as well as diving deep into the innards of an application to track down hard-to-find bugs, optimize performance, … I want to be speaking at conferences on these topics, and if you feel like being my “war story”, you can always hire me for some short-term gigs.

Now let’s roll! I do hope Hotel California’s room service is better than it used to be on Monday mornings…

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