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You may know (or not, shame on you!) Xavier Decoster and myself are operating MyGet, a hosted service providing teams with hosting and management of NuGet, npm, Bower, VSIX and debugger symbols. Recently, we started looking into how we could do better on the content marketing front, an important piece of getting people to visit and hopefully sign up to our service. We decided on starting a series on the MyGet blog, named “NuGet and NPM news from the community”.

I know, I opened this post with a dirty word: “marketing”. What we are trying to do with these posts is partly that, and partly taking work out of the busy developer’s hand. We provide an overview of community news around two popular package managers, NuGet and npm, and summarize it every month. There will be official news, like newly released versions, and pure community blog posts and articles we discover each month. If you haven’t yet, have a look at our two latest posts:

Feedback is very welcome! And stay tuned for next month’s post on the MyGet blog.


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