Top blog posts in 2008

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Happy new year 2009! Since everyone (that is Simone Chiaretta and Phil Haack) seems to be blogging about 2008 and their top posts, here’s my list.

Top 5 blog posts in 2008

1. Reuse Excel business logic with PHPExcel – This post explains how to use PHPExcel in a business scenario where a spreadsheet contains calculation logic which is used in a PHP application.

2. Code performance analysis in Visual Studio 2008 - Visual Studio developer, did you know you have a great performance analysis (profiling) tool at your fingertips?

3. ASP.NET load balancing and ASP.NET state server (aspnet_state) – A how-to on load balancing with ASP.NET. Also related to ASP.NET Session State Partitioning and ASP.NET Session State Partitioning using State Server Load Balancing.

4. Code based ASP.NET MVC GridView – This post gives a shot at a gridview for the ASP.NET MVC framework, built using expressions.

5. Building an ASP.NET MVC sitemap provider with security trimming – Building an ASP.NET MVC sitemap provider that can be used with standard ASP.NET sitemap controls.

About the past year

Though 2008 seems to have been a year in which I mostly blogged on the ASP.NET MVC framework, the top 3 posts seem to be on PHP and ASP.NET. Still, 2 posts on ASP.NET MVC in my top 5.

The past year brought lots of attention to my PHPExcel and PHPLinq project, both from the PHP side (Zend) as well as the Microsoft side. Both projects will continue evolving in 2009, watch out for a huge post on all new features in PHPLinq in January. By the way, I did not blog about a great milestone PHPExcel made: PHPExcel has been downloaded over 120.000 times!

PHPExcel download count

Blogging about ASP.NET MVC ever since Microsoft started working on that framework also brought me and my blog a lot of attention. The CarTrackr sample application I created for a VISUG session in Belgium has also been downloaded over 800 times.

My blog had 115.988 visits in the past year, with currently around 400 unique visits a day (not counting RSS readers of which I don’t have any stats unfortunately). Keep spreading the word, keep subscribing to my RSS feed.

Looking ahead at 2009

2009 will bring more good stuff: continued development on PHPExcel and PHPLinq, more ASP.NET MVC, perhaps some more on Azure or any other new Microsoft technology. Also expect a book on the ASP.NET MVC framework with Packt Publishing, named “ASP.NET MVC Quickly”. It’s currently in technical review and should be available somewhere near end January.

Happy new year 2009 to all my readers! See you around next year.

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    Simone Chiaretta January 1st, 2009

    Thank you for including me in the "everyone" together with Phil Haack :)
    Really appreciated
    Happy New Year!!!