PHPMEF 0.1.0 released!

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PHP MEF A while ago, I did a conceptual blog post on PHP Managed Extensibility Framework – PHPMEF. Today, I’m proud to announce the first public release of PHPMEF! After PHPExcel, PHPLinq, PHPPowerPoint and the Windows Azure SDK for PHP, PHPMEF is the 5th open-source project I started on interoperability (or conceptual interoperability) between the Microsoft world and the PHP world. Noble price for peace upcoming :-)

What is this thing?

PHPMEF is a PHP port of the .NET Managed Extensibility Framework, allowing easy composition and extensibility in an application using the Inversion of Control principle and 2 easy keywords: @export and @import.

PHPMEF is based on a .NET library, MEF, targeting extensibility of projects. It allows you to declaratively extend your application instead of requiring you to do a lot of plumbing. All this is done with three concepts in mind: export, import and compose. “PHPMEF” uses the same concepts in order to provide this extensibility features.

Show me an example!

Ok, I will. But not here. Head over to and have a look at the principles and features behind PHPMEF.


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