Book review: Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development

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Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development My book shelf is starting to look a lot like the warehouse of Packt Publishing: I’ve received yet another book from them. Different from all previous reviews I did: this one is a PHP book, titled “Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development” by Keith Pope.

A chapter overview:

  • Chapter 1: Creating a Basic MVC Application
  • Chapter 2: The Zend Framework MVC Architecture
  • Chapter 3: Storefront Basic Setup
  • Chapter 4: Storefront Models (great chapter!)
  • Chapter 5: Implementing the Catalog
  • Chapter 6: Implementing User Accounts
  • Chapter 7: The Shopping Cart
  • Chapter 8: Authentication and Authorization
  • Chapter 9: The Administration Area
  • Chapter 10: Storefront Roundup
  • Chapter 11: Storefront Optimization
  • Chapter 12: Testing the Storefront

Let’s also state the obvious: Zend Framework evolves much faster than publishers. The framework is now at 1.9.6, while the book covers 1.8.0. Do not let this stop you from reading this book! Let me explain why…

  1. The book covers all concepts and components in the Zend Framework in a full-blown application that is built up from scratch.
  2. Next to that, Keith Pope focuses a lot on the application design, using interfaces, unit testing, mocking, dependency injection, … Want to learn a lot about good application design? Then this is the number one reason to read this book!

These 2 points actually summarize the whole book. Great read, great content and a must-read for everyone who is not completely sure about his application design skills. Congratulations, Keith!

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