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Officially a cloudhead now! (or: re-awarded MVP)

Woohoo! I just received the great mail I expect yearly on the first of July: Dear Maarten Balliauw, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2011 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world experti... Read more »

Delegate feed privileges to other users on MyGet

One of the first features we had envisioned for MyGet and which seemed increasingly popular was the ability to provide other users a means of managing packages on another user’s feed. As of today, we’re proud to announce the following new features: Delegating feed privileges to other users – This allows you to ma... Read more »

Enabling conditional Basic HTTP authentication on a WCF OData service

Yes, a long title, but also something I was not able to find too easily using Google. Here’s the situation: for MyGet, we are implementing basic authentication to the OData feed serving available NuGet packages. If you recall my post Using dynamic WCF service routes, you may have deducted that MyGet uses that techni... Read more »

Community Day 2011 - Fun with ASP.NET MVC, MEF and NuGet

To start the blog post: AWESOME! That’s what I have to say about the latest edition of Community Day 2011. I had the privilege of doing a session on ASP.NET MVC 3, MEF and NuGet, and as promised to the audience: here are the slides. For those who want to see the session, the recording can be found on Channel 9... Read more »

Advanced scenarios with Windows Azure Queues

For DeveloperFusion, I wrote an article on Windows Azure queues. Interested in working with queues and want to use some advanced techniques? Head over to the article: Last week, in Brian Prince’s article, Using the Queuing Service in Windows Azure, you saw how to create, add messages into, retrieve and consume t... Read more »

MyGet now supports pushing from the command line

One of the work items we had opened for MyGet was the ability to push packages to a private feed from the command line. Only a few hours after our initial launch, David Fowler provided us with example code on how to implement NuGet command line pushes on the server side. An evening of coding later, I quickly hacked ... Read more »

Slides for NDC2011 - Oslo

It was great speaking at NDC2011! As promised during the sessions I gave, here are the slide decks: Cost architecting for Windows Azure - NDC 2011.pptx (714.40 kb) Windows Azure - Under the hood - NDC 2011.pptx (2.37 mb) Going for noodles now. Cheers! This is an imported post. It was imported from my ol... Read more »

Creating your own private NuGet feed: MyGet

Ever since NuGet came out, I’ve been thinking about leveraging it in a corporate environment. I've seen two NuGet server implementations appear on the Internet: the official NuGet gallery server and Phil Haack’s NuGet.Server package. As these both are good, there’s one thing wrong with them: y... Read more »

Scaffolding and packaging a Windows Azure project in PHP

With the fresh release of the Windows Azure SDK for PHP v3.0, it’s time to have a look at the future. One of the features we’re playing with is creating a full-fledged replacement for the current Windows Azure Command-Line tools available. These tools sometimes are a life saver and sometimes a big PITA d... Read more »

Just released: MvcSiteMapProvider 3.1.0 RC

It looks like I’m really cr… ehm… releasing way too much over the past few days, but yes, here’s another one: I just posted MvcSiteMapProvider 3.1.0 RC both on CodePlex and NuGet. The easiest way to get the current bits is this one: As usual, here are the release notes: Created one NuGet package containing both ... Read more »