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Test-Driving Windows 11 Dev Drive for .NET

At Build 2023 back in June, Microsoft announced a new form of storage volume for Windows 11: Dev Drive. In October 2023, support for Dev Drive was shipped as a Windows Update and now available to anyone using the latest version of Windows 11. [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable(“npm_config_cache”, “$DevDrive\Pack... Read more »

Provide opt-in to experimental APIs using C#12 ExperimentalAttribute

When writing libraries and frameworks that others are using, it’s sometimes hard to convey that a given API is still considered “experimental”. For example, you may want to iterate on how to work with part of the code base with the freedom to break things, while still allowing others to consume that code if they are... Read more »

Discriminated Unions in C#

Discriminated unions have been a long-standing request for C#. While F# users have had discriminated unions for years, C# developers will have to wait a bit longer. Read more »

ASP.NET Core rate limiting middleware in .NET 7

Rate limiting is a way to control the amount of traffic that a web application or API receives, by limiting the number of requests that can be made in a given period of time. This can help to improve the performance of the site or application, and to prevent it from becoming unresponsive. Read more »