Slides for TechDays Belgium 2012: SignalR

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It was the last session on the last day of TechDays 2012 so I was expecting almost nobody to show up. Still, a packed room came to have a look at how to make the web realtime using SignalR. Thanks for joining and for being very cooperative during the demos!

As promised, here are the slides. You can also find the demo code here: SignalR. Code, not toothpaste - TechDays Belgium (2.74 mb)

A recording on Channel9 is available as well.

PS: The book on NuGet (Pro NuGet) which I mentioned can be (pre)ordered on Amazon.

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  1. Avatar for Dave Van den Eynde
    Dave Van den Eynde February 18th, 2012

    Your talk rocked and you know it! 8-)

  2. Avatar for maartenba
    maartenba February 19th, 2012

    Thanks mate :-)