Official Belgium TechDays 2011 Windows Phone 7 app released

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I’m proud to announce that we (RealDolmen) have released the official Belgium TechDays 2011 Windows Phone 7 app! The official Belgium TechDays 2011 gives you the ability to browse current & upcoming sessions, as well as provide LIVE feedback to the event organizers. Is the current session awesome? Let us know! Is the food too spicy? Let us know!

Why am I blogging this? Well: one of the first sessions at the event will be Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, Windows Azure, jQuery, OData and RIA Services. Shaken, not stirred, deliverd by Kevin Dockx and myself. It will feature this WIndows Phone 7 application as well as the backoffice for it (Silverlight), the mobile web front-end (jQuery mobile), the web front-end (MVC), the integration points with the event organizers and the deployment on Windows Azure. Not to mention the twitterwall that integrates with this. ANd the top sessions ranking that will be displayed based on input from all the channels I mentioned before. In short: I’m blogging this to plug our session :-)

Interested in what we’ve built? Or just a consumer of WP7 apps? Download the app at or directly by clicking the picture below:

Download the official Techdays 2011 application for WIndows Phone 7

See you at TechDays!

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  1. Avatar for Marc Fairorth
    Marc Fairorth April 10th, 2011

    Are you making your source code available? Note that the techdays link appears to require event registration.

  2. Avatar for The VerySoftware Team
    The VerySoftware Team June 20th, 2011

    Our team VerySoftware has designed a sample Windows Phone 7 app for Microsoft UK Tech.Days.

    The source code is now available for download:

    The app is not fully ready for release onto the Marketplace as it uses locally cached data, but it is a great template/starting point for anyone wanting to create a companion app for a conference or event.