TechDays 2010 Portugal slides and demo code

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First of all: thank you for attending the sessions Kevin Dockx and I gave at TechDays 2010 Portugal! A wonder we made it there with all the ash clouds and volcanic interference based in Iceland.

Just Another Wordpress Weblog, But More Cloudy

Abstract: “While working together with Microsoft on the Windows Azure SDK for PHP, we found that we needed an popular example application hosted on Microsoft’s Windows Azure. Wordpress was an obvious choice, but not an obvious task. Learn more about Windows Azure, the PHP SDK that we developed, SQL Azure and about the problems we faced porting an existing PHP application to Windows Azure.”

I can not disclose demo code at this time, sorry. Here’s a list of good resources to get you started though:

PHP and Silverlight

Abstract: “So you have an existing PHP application and would like to spice it up with a rich and attractive front-end. Next to Adobe Flex, you can also choose Silverlight as a solution. This session shows you around in Silverlight and shows that PHP and Silverlight can go together easily.”

Demo code: PHP and Silverlight - (1.00 mb) (based on Silverlight 2, bug Kevin for a recent version :-))

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