Query the cloud with PHP (PHPLinq and Windows Azure)

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PHPLinq Architecture I’m pleased to announce PHPLinq currently supports basic querying of Windows Azure Table Storage. PHPLinq is a class library for PHP, based on the idea of Microsoft’s LINQ technology. LINQ is short for language integrated query, a component in the .NET framework which enables you to perform queries on a variety of data sources like arrays, XML, SQL server, ... These queries are defined using a syntax which is very similar to SQL.

Next to PHPLinq querying arrays, XML and objects, which was already supported, PHPLinq now enables you to query Windows Azure Table Storage in the same manner as you would query a list of employees, simply by passing PHPLinq a Table Storage client and table name as storage hint in the in() method:


$result = from('$employee')->in( array($storageClient, 'employees', 'AzureEmployee') )
            ->where('$employee => $employee->Name == "Maarten"')


The Windows Azure Table Storage layer is provided by Microsoft’s PHP SDK for Windows Azure and leveraged by PHPLinq to enable querying “the cloud”.

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