MSDN session on ASP.NET MVC

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As promised to all people attending my online session on ASP.NET MVC this afternoon, here is the slide deck I’ve used.

I must say, doing a presentation using Live Meeting and a Microsoft Roundtable device seemed a bit strange at first. However, the setup that is used to do this kind of sessions is really cool to work with! Make sure to check Katrien’s blog for all other Live Meeting MSDN sessions that are planned.

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  1. Avatar for Vladimir Kelman
    Vladimir Kelman April 25th, 2009

    Hi Maarten! Is that LiveMeeting presentation available online? Slides are nice, but having it together with your speech would be much better.


  2. Avatar for Maarten Balliauw
    Maarten Balliauw April 25th, 2009

    Session will be available soon. This was in Dutch though.