Zend Studio + Teamprise = PHP development with Team Foundation Server

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Ever since I started developing PHPExcel, I noticed this option of connecting to CodePlex's Team Foundation Server using Teamprise for Eclipse (free CodePlex license here). Back in the days, I was developing using Zend Studio 4, but I recently upgraded to Zend Studio 6 for Eclipse.

Now this "Eclipse" word triggered the idea that perhaps integration of Zend Studio and Team Foundation Server could be something that works. So I downloaded the Teamprise Eclipse plugin package, copied it to the Zend Studio plugins ditrectory. And yes: tight integration of Team Foundation Server with Zend Studio is possible!

Let's rephrase that: it is perfectly possible to use Team Foundation Server in a mixed Microsoft / PHP development team as your main store for source control, work items, reporting, ...

Here's a screenshot of my installation when accessing the CodePlex Team Foundation Server from Zend Studio:

Zend Studio Workspace with Teamprise installed

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  1. Avatar for Tim Verhees
    Tim Verhees April 24th, 2008

    [b]Sounds great![/b]
    Do we know each other? LoL!

  2. Avatar for Thomas Schaaf
    Thomas Schaaf May 10th, 2008

    You should try VS.Php (vsphp.com) its a plugin for Visual Studio which you probably use ;)