My blog has just moved…

<IMG style="MARGIN: 5px" height=104 src="/images/WindowsLiveWriter/Mybloghasjustmoved_D038/image%7B0%7D_thumb%5B3%5D.png" width=98 align=right border=0 mce_src="/images/WindowsLiveWriter/Mybloghasjustmoved_D038/image%7B0%7D_thumb%5B3%5D.png"> Just finished painting, unpacked some boxes, and here we are: a new home! The people from <A href="" target=_blank mce_href=""></A> (shameless commercial plug in my blog) provided me my own ASP.NET server, which is now serving this page/RSS feed to you!

A new home also means new URL's... I did my best forwarding all old URL's to this new page, but I won't keep the forwarding for the next century... The only noteworthy thing for you as a RSS reader, is the RSS feed URL, which has changed to: <A href="/rss.aspx" target=_blank mce_href="/blogs/maarten/rss.aspx">/rss.aspx</A>.

If you placed a link to my blog on your website, please change that link to <A href="/" target=_blank mce_href="/blogs/maarten/">/</A>. 


This is an imported post. It was imported from my old blog using an automated tool and may contain formatting errors and/or broken images.

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