Developer & IT Pro days - Ghent - Day 2

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Just got back from the second and last day at the DevDays. It's all more exhausting than I thought it would be. First of all: driving from Antwerp to Ghent and arrive there in time means to get up early. Second, a lot of information and understanding needs to be processed and absorbed.

Today, I've attended a session on C#3.0 and what's next by Raj Pai. Interesting material, seems to me that C# will evolve into something more declarative and flexible than it already is.

Ingo Rammer did a session on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), very clear and interesting. I've played with it a little in the past, but this talk surely gave me a push into WF's direction (which means I'll be trying this out some more and sleeping a little less ). Make sure you visit his company's website and download his demo code.

And here's a little hint for everyone who needs entertainment ánd interesting talks: attend a session by Roy Osherove! Roy did a talk on continuous integration with and without Team System. Things like CruiseControl (which I like) also got touched, not only the Microsoft-related stuff. His sessions always seem to end in a song (with live guitars) which serves as a catchy summary of his talk.

Conclusion of the past two days: contact Joris and make sure he puts me on our company's DevDays attendants list for next year 8-)

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