My first blog post!

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Starting today, I will try to regularly post some information about myself, my job, my life, my opinions. Some of my colleagues at work, mainly Joris, told me I should start a blog too. He has his blog hosted at Blogspot, but I really wanted to host it myself.

After trying some PHP software (Wordpress, NucleusCMS), I decided to write my own software, based on my PHP Framework I also use at and You will see that I have not (yet) implemented all "standard" blog features like rating, trackbacks, pings, ... Bad news: it'll maybe become implemented, maybe not. Luckily for all those blog fanatics out there, comments can be made, and I also have an RSS feed based on using tags. That way, you can build your own custom-made Maarten feed.

The lay-out of my site is just a (heavily modified) template found in DreamWeaver 8, and because I don't feel like spending too much time on drawing, slicing, tweaking, ... a design, it'll stay like this. And to satisfy TeRanEX, the site is made in XHTML. I still have to test it on the W3C validator, so don't shoot me.

One more thing: my native language is Dutch, as I'm from Belgium, but I will post in English as much as possible, because most ICT-related information on the Internet is in English. And I have a broader audience that way :-)

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