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Slides for my talk at MIX11: Fun with ASP.NET MVC 3, MEF and NuGet

As promised, here are the slides and demo code for my talk "Fun with ASP.NET MVC 3, MEF and NuGet" I presented at MIX in Las Vegas.

Abstract: "So you have a team of developers… And a nice architecture to build on… How about making that architecture easy for everyone and getting developers up to speed quickly? Learn all about integrating the managed extensibility framework (MEF) and ASP.NET MVC with some NuGet sauce for creating loosely coupled, easy to use architectures that anyone can grasp."

The recorded session: (on Channel 9)


The slide deck:

The demo code: 2011-04-14 Fun with ASP.NET MVC 3 (6.76 mb)

Enjoy! And thanks for joining!

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MSDN - Converting an existing ASP.NET application to Windows Azure

Back from PDC 2009 with a lot of information on Windows Azure, I did an MSDN Live Meeting on ASP.NET and Windows Azure today. Here's the slide deck and demo code.

Abstract: "Put your stuff in the cloud! Windows Azure allows you to take advantage of cloud computing infranstructure for hosting, computing, and storage of your applications. In this demo filled session we take an existing ASP.Net Application and move it to be hosted in Windows Azure, while taking advantage of Windows Azure storage."

Example code can be downloaded here: MSDN - Converting an existing ASP.NET application to Windows (2.01 mb)

If you want more info about Windows Azure and how to develop, architect or benefit from the platform as a whole, register freely at the Azure User Group Belgium.

Before you get started, you need to have a Windows Azure token. Request a token by completing the application here. Tokens are generally issued within a few hours. Once you have received your token, redeem it at Afterwards, you can deploy your application using the interface at or by issuing a right-click -> Publish... in your Visual Studio solution.

Windos Azure Developer Portal

Thank you for attending!

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Upcoming sessions on Azure, PHP and ASP.NET

It’s going to be a filled end of 2009… There’s Microsoft PDC which I will be attending and will probably cause me some sleepless nights (both due to jetlag and due to all the new stuff that will be released). Next to that, I’ll also be doing some sessions in the next few weeks. Here’s a list…



28 october 2009

PHPBenelux Meeting: PHP and Microsoft technologies

I’ll be doing two sessions here:

· PHP and Silverlight, together with Kevin Dockx
“This session covers the basics of Microsoft Silverlight and demonstrates how PHP developers can benefit from developing rich client-side components that run in the web browser using Silverlight and PHP.”

· Make Web not War, together with Katrien De Graeve
“Microsoft will present the array of initiatives in the company to better support and integrate with PHP and give you an introduction on Windows Azure and its support for PHP in the cloud.”

More info?

4 november 2009

First Azure User Group Belgium ( meeting

I’ll be doing an introductory session to Microsoft’s Azure platform. Yves Goeleven and Kurt Claeys will be showing off .NET services and provide more info on the All of this followed by an open discussion.

Register now on!

24 november 2009

MSDN Live Meeting (Dutch)

Een ASP.NET-applicatie overbrengen naar Windows Azure
“Zet alles over naar the cloud! Met Windows Azure kunt u voordeel halen uit de cloud computing-infrastructuur voor hosting, computing en storage van uw applicaties. De sessie bevat talrijke demo’s, we brengen een bestaande ASP.Net-applicatie over naar hosting in Windows Azure en maken gebruik van Windows Azure storage”

More info on the MSDN pages!

Looking forward to see you at one of these events!

Recording of my session at Remix 2009 - ASP.NET MVC

On September 29, I did a session on ASP.NET MVC at Remix 2009 Belgium. All session recordings are now online, check the Remix09 site. Slides and code for my talk can be found in a previous blog post. The video material can be found below. Enjoy! And feel free to leave some comments!

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Abstract: "Building a Twitter clone in 60 minutes, featuring what's new in ASP.NET MVC 2 preview 1 and focusing on some of the core ASP.NET MVC features like security and routing."

Mocking - VISUG session (screencast)

A new screencast has just been uploaded to the MSDN Belgium Chopsticks page. Don't forget to rate the video!

Mocking - VISUG session (screencast)

Abstract: "This session provides an introduction to unit testing using mock objects. It builds a small application using TDD (test driven development). To enable easier unit testing, all dependencies are removed from code and introduced as mock objects. Afterwards, a mocking framework by the name of Moq (mock you) is used to shorten unit tests and create a maintainable set of unit tests for the example application. "

Slides and example code can be found in my previous blog post on this session: Mocking - VISUG session

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Mocking - VISUG session

Thursday evening, I did a session on Mocking for the VISUG (Visual Studio User Group Belgium). As promised, here is the slide deck I’ve used. The session will be available online soon, in the meantime you'll have to go with the slide deck.

Demo code can also be downloaded: (1.64 mb)

Thank you for attending the session!

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CRUD with ASP.NET MVC (screencast)

A new screencast has just been uploaded to the MSDN Belgium Chopsticks page. Don't forget to rate the video!

CRUD with ASP.NET MVC (screencast)

Abstract: "In this video, the new tooling for Visual Studio included in ASP.NET MVC release candidate is demonstrated to create a create, read, update and delete user interface within 15 minutes."

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Checking username availability with jQuery (screencast)

A new screencast has just been uploaded to the MSDN Belgium Chopsticks page. Don't forget to rate the video!

Checking username availability with jQuery

Abstract: "This screencast explains how to use jQuery and the ASP.NET MVC framework to quickly add a username availability checker to a user registration page."

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Using the ASP.NET MVC ModelBinder (screencast)

A new screencast has just been uploaded to the MSDN Belgium Chopsticks page. Don't forget to rate the video!

Using ASP.NET MVC ModelBinder

Abstract: "This screencast demonstrates how code can be made more maintainable and testable by delegating binding to client data to the ASP.NET MVC model binder architecture."

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