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Book review: Learning Ext JS

learning-ext-js For a project at one of our customers, we’re building a rich web application using the Coolite web controls in ASP.NET MVC. Coolite is a great product, wrapping all Ext JS widgets in an ASP.NET control. Upon ordering a license for both, we received two free copies of Packt’s “Learning Ext JS”, providing better insight in what’s going on behind the curtains of Coolite.

I only spent one evening reading this book and must admit: it’s really great at getting you started quickly with Ext JS. You’re working with grids, windows and your own grid column renderers, creating a nice looking application which enables you to  manage your DVD collection. As a plus, almost every example features a character or quote from the best movie ever (as an ICT-er): Office Space. This makes it a nice read (at least for me).

The people at Coolite actually did a great job providing this book with their license, as you get a better view of what they do when wrapping Ext JS widgets. If you’re not buying Coolite or a commercial Ext JS license, there’s always Packt’s website offering this book for purchase, too. Nice read!