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PHPExcel 1.0.0 final

I'm quite proud to announce the 1.0.0 version of PHPExcel, a set of classes that allows you to wirte Excel2007 files from PHP. Since my last post on this, a lot of things happened, feature-wise and project-wise.

Feature-wise, conditional formatting was added, and a first attempt to a Excel2007 file reader has been created. Project-wise, Jakub Vrana signed up as a developer. He's currently working on an improved version of the Excel2007 Reader.

We are still looking for extra developers: if you know PHP 5, object-oriented programming, have knowledge of/interest in OpenXML or the Open Document Format (as we plan to include that too), please apply.

Five things you didn't know about me...

I was tagged by Joris and Kristof, so I guess it's about time I give away some secrets about myself.

Did you know that...

  • ... I wrote my first letter of programming code in Visual Basic 4, which I bought on 4 gray floppy disks when I was 12.
  • ... I "split" my desert cakes and breakfast cakes: cream and cake are eaten separately.
  • ... I wash my car every week (sometimes every two weeks, when I dont't have the time).
  • ... when I have some spare time, I try to make some electronical music (trance, jump, ...) like this one, made especially for this post. (Interested in more? Contact me!)
  • ... I drink gallons of coffee every day... Probably more than good for a human being.

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Back from winter vacation!

No posts last week: I was on a ski vacation to Pitztal, Austria. Found a cheap (and good!) hotel over there, Pension Haid, which offered me breakfast and dinner for 36 EUR per night. I've been skiing on Rifflsee and the Pitztaler Gletscher, which offers great slopes (and also good weather conditions last week). Après-ski was offered by Siglu, which offered great Kaiser Pilsner!

Back to reality (and work) now, problem with all vacations is: they are too short!